Empty Nesters Trading Mortgages for Experiences in Monthly Rentals

Empty Nesters Choose Monthly Rentals over Homeownership

The American dream is changing. And, believe it or not, empty nesters and millennials have something in common. These two generations are trading 30-year mortgages and 3,000-square-foot homes for experiences. Where becoming an empty nester once meant it was time to downsize, in recent years the trend has been towards selling the nest and opting for month-to-month rentals.

Monthly rentals offer the flexibility needed for decisions without long-term commitments

Empty nesters are finding month-to-month rentals offer the perks of apartment living without the commitment of a 12-month lease agreement. Freedom from yard work and property taxes appeals to those who want more flexibility in their golden years. Empty nesters are trading the homes that were "a great place to raise a family" for apartment living or beach lifestyles.

Why Monthly Rentals Are Appealing

Without kids at home, empty nesters have the flexibility to travel more, even taking advantage of smaller off-season crowds in their favorite destinations, or new-to-them destinations, such as Rosemary Beach, Florida. Monthly rentals in Florida, including Rosemary Beach and the surrounding communities of 30A, are available for as little as $1,646 a month for a one-bedroom house. 30A is a scenic highway that hugs the shoreline in Walton County, Florida and is comprised of 12 beach communities, including Blue Mountain Beach, Seagrove Beach and Rosemary Beach. Monthly vacations offer more time to dive into a destination and experience all it has to offer.

Empty nesters are also finding monthly apartment rentals are essential if moving to a new location they may be unfamiliar with, including resort communities like Kissimmee, Florida near Orlando. A month-to-month lease affords them time to get to know the area and its people before deciding to purchase a home again. Resort communities are attractive to empty nesters who plan to host their children and grandchildren on weekend visits or holidays, but who may later decide the hustle and bustle doesn't fit their new lifestyle. Monthly rentals offer the flexibility needed for decision making without the long-term commitments.

Monthly rentals offer the flexibility needed for decisions without long-term commitments

Month-to-month lease agreements are not always easy to find, but more and more landlords are adjusting their rental contracts to accommodate this growing trend. For the best selection of monthly rentals, start your search at Monthly Rentals By Owner, a one-stop location for renters seeking month-to-month or short-term rentals throughout the U.S.