Corporate Professionals Seeking Monthly Rentals in Scenic Destinations

Hot New Trends in Monthly Rentals

Corporate Professionals Seeking Monthly Rentals in Scenic Destinations

The hottest new trends in monthly rentals are a throwback to times gone by. Like in the medieval ages and the swinging 1960s, people are reevaluating the idea of communal living. More and more vacationers are choosing to rent together with friends and extended family. This trend is also appealing to business professionals of all ages who are traveling with their job or settling down in relaxing vacation destinations to work from home. Why work from a stuffy cubical when you could take in ocean breezes all while working on the latest quarterly report?! When relocating for business, it has become the norm to start with a monthly rental with roommates while adjusting to a new area. This situation can be a great benefit to the primary home owner or lessee.

Since the beginning of 2017, monthly rentals have already grown by nearly 5% according to Yardi Matrix. Some vacation rental managers have found this to be a new way to earn considerable income with monthly as well as mult-month rentals. Renting monthly is especially effective in areas that have a peak season and supplement otherwise sagging rental income for the off-months. One, two or three month rentals are all options rental managers and guests nationwide have begun exploring. Guests otherwise spending exhaustive hours trying to find these time frames of availability are increasingly turning to websites like because it offers a central place to find rentals, all available with monthly pricing, as well as the flexibility of multi-month and month-to-month terms that are spelled out. Some of which also offer multi-month discounts!

Home Hasn't Sold Yet?
Another type of tenant that finds month-to-month rentals beneficial are those who have recently sold their home and have not yet found their new residence. If a seller is lucky enough to sell their home quickly before moving out or purchasing a new property; a monthly rental is the best option for ensuring a smooth transition. The possibility to rent a temporary residence while they find their new home is useful, and means that there will be no legal or financial issues associated with having to break a long-term lease when they find their perfect property.

Leases: Long-term vs. Short-term (6 Months or Less)
For most, a short-term lease agreement is also beneficial for those who want to get to know a neighborhood or a landlord prior to committing to a long-term lease or purchasing a new property. By renting a furnished property, they are able to observe factors such as weather conditions and traffic and get to know the ambiance of the new environment. Another location that benefits from monthly leasing are properties located in vacation areas such as the near the beach or mountains. People owning property or living in these areas can rent out their property for all or part of the peak season and use the profits to fund their own vacations. A location favored by monthly renters is transient prone areas such as college towns. With some University students only needing accommodations for half the year, furnished monthly rentals have become a popular choice for those studying away from home.

Two Main Perks to Month--to-Month Leasing

1. The first perk available to month-to-month renters is the flexibility to pick up their lives at a moments notice. Being able to travel without the stress of finding a sub letter should be reason enough.

2. The second perk of month-to-month is that renters can often avoid extraneous charges that come with breaking the annual lease. By signing a yearly lease, tenants are legally responsible for those seven to twenty-four months or more of rent payments, plus additionally, possible fees and legal troubles may be incurred if it necessary to break the lease before that time period has expired. If a renter anticipates having to move before the traditional lease contract would have expired or if they enjoy spending their time visiting family in several different geographical locations or traveling, a month-to-month lease will be less expensive and more accommodating than the traditional leasing agreement.

For people that must move around regularly due to their employment or that spend much of their time traveling for business, a month-to-month or multi-month lease offers a great deal more flexibility over a fixed-term lease. Another perk to monthly rentals are the fully furnished accommodations and endless amenities making long stay hotels seem like a thing of the past. Everything found at resorts from heated indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, saunas to the basic home comforts of a large coffee pot and covered garage parking included in residential monthly rentals.

Check out these great locations for monthly rentals! We've compared these two fantastic destination spots that accommodate monthly renters.

Florida Keys vs. Gulf Shores, Alabama
Known as the Winter White House because of its appeal to visiting U.S. presidents, the Florida Keys are a majestic and historically significant place to vacation. Located closer to Cuba than to Miami, the Keys offers an exotic multi-cultural tropical environment that is favorite of vacationers and snowbirds. A monthly rental in the Florida Keys runs about $3,000. View Florida Keys rentals HERE

Gulf Shores, Alabama is known for its stunning white sand beaches. With its close proximately to shopping, abundance of dining options and picturesque scenery, Gulf Shores is pretty much perfect. A monthly rental costs about $2,250 - $750 less than Key West. Click HERE to view monthly rentals in Gulf Shores

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